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Lilac Purple Silk Grenadine (Garza Fina) Tie

Lilac Purple Silk Grenadine (Garza Fina) Tie

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A Beautiful Lilac Purple Grenadine Tie, Handmade in Italy.

Grenadine is one of the most sought after fabrics for ties due to it's unique texture. It is woven only in Lake Como, Italy, making it quite rare. 

This variant of grenadine is called "Garza Fina". This variant is characterized by it's fine, yet textured weave. The added texture increases the depth of color and adds a sense of character to an otherwise simple design.

This tie is self tipped, which requires extra fabric, yet creates a signature look of quality. The center stitching is also reinforced with a 3 ply silk thread that helps to add strength and flexibility to the tie. This quality of construction is the finest available.

This tie would pair best with medium-light blues & grays, however it can work beautifully with darker tones, and even black!

The length is 57", & width is 3.15"
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